2013 Toyota Yaris sedan/Belta/Vios rendering and information

2013 Toyota Yaris sedan belta vios

It is clear that second generation Yaris sedan/Belta/Vios timeline,the hatchback version of Yaris arrive Japan in late 2005 and Europe in early 2006.Then,sedan version of Yaris/Vitz  which called Yaris sedan in North American,Belta in Europe and Vios in Asia arrive in late2006/early 2007.About one year after the Hatchback.

The car  share underpinnings with each other. However, while the Yaris/Vitz was designed at Toyota’s French design studios, the Belta was designed at Toyota’s Japanese design studios—design projects for similar cars marketed toward different demographics.

The New generation of Yaris/Vitz was launched Japan in December 2010.but next generation  of the car dua in late 2012 or early 2013.About 2 years after lauched of hatchback.Theophiluschin show us artist rendered that seem like a sedan varient of Yaris/Vitz.Although Autoten is still  unconfirmed about how they will look similar to  Yaris/Vitz  or not.

2013 Toyota Yaris sedan

We have heard that the new  car will be more sporty and dynamic than before.A more suitable packaging and more competitive in the segment.The engine will be 1.0-1.5 liter petrol but the best selling engine will be block 1NR-FE of 4 cylinder 1.5 liter petrol mate with 5 speed manual tranmission and 4 speed automatic.While in some market will be equipped with 1.0 and 1.3 liter petrol with  5 speed manual or CVT.

The suspension will be improved, ride and handling quality will be better.Front will be  MacPherson strut with coil spring. rear will be torsion beam like current car.The steering will be chnage to EPS-electronic power steering.

The car have release date in 2nd half of 2012 or early 2013.



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